Hello. This blog is dedicated to my life. I hope that my blog is able to inspire you in some way or, at the very least, put a smile on your face. Feel free to message me about anything or ask me a question if you have any. If at any point you need someone to talk to, I will do my best to be here for you. :)


Long Time No See! A Life Update?!?!

Hey, guys!

I am back for a quick post. I just launched my official blog tonight! If you could check it out, please do so! I am so excited to begin this part of my life, and I hope you stick around!


Day 1: September 1, 2013

Today, has been a very busy day. I moved into my college dorm this morning. After a night of terrible sleep on a hotel mattress, I officially got out of bed at 7:15am to start my day. Things started off slow with a quick shower and breakfast. I had a yogurt and two small blueberry muffins from the breakfast bar at the hotel. I then made my way back up to the room and enjoyed some reheated leftover steak from last night.

Once I packed my car up and was ready to go, I made my way to the college. When I arrived, I was given forty five minutes to empty my car into my room. Challenge accepted. I registered with the students managing the hall and went up to my room. Two flights of stairs and a mystery of hallways later, I arrived at my dorm door. I was so excited. I have waited for this moment pretty much my entire life. So when I opened the door and saw the reality in front of me, you can bet I was excited. My room came with a bed, mattress, desk with chair, dresser, and built in closet. My roommate was provided with the same essentials as me. Once I saw the room, I made my way outside to start unloading my car. I brought up bags upon bags of my things from the trunk of my car. When my parents arrived, I helped them unload the van.

I finally got to meet my roommate, Bria, in person. We instantly clicked and have become very good friends. Once my parents helped me set up my room the way I wanted it to be, we went on the hunt for my student ID, parking permit, and textbooks. With my map in hand, we set out on the journey ahead of us. Getting my student ID made and programmed was easy. Waiting to get my parking permit and textbooks was another story. I had to wait in line for about twenty minutes before I got my parking permit given to me. However, the good news about being a fulltime student is that my pass was free and not the original forty dollars I thought it was going to be. Once I received my parking permit, we made our way over to the bookstore. My mom got me a cool lanyard and a sweatshirt to wear once it gets cold. I went on my own to get my textbooks. After waiting fifteen minutes or so, I received my books, just to discover that one of the professors changed the textbook at the last minute. I then had to go through the process of exchanging the original textbook for the real one, which took some time.

My parents soon left after we got back to the dorm. My mom cried, but I expected that to happen. My dad gave me pine nuts (pignoli) as a parting gift, which I happily accepted. Pine nuts are great on any kind of pasta. My mom gave me a box full of gift cards and gifts that showcased our inside jokes. Bria and I hungout for a bit after I opened all of my gifts before she decided to take a nap. It turns out, she was not kidding when she said she was a big napper. I took the opportunity then to redeem most of my gift cards.

When Bria woke up, we decided to go look for dinner. We read earlier in the day that the dining hall closes at seven thirty. Turns out, the dining hall closes at seven. We then took a trip around Frostburg, and looked for a place to eat. We settled on Pizza Hut. There we split a meatlover’s pizza. When we got back from eating, we ran into Caroline, who lives in the dorm right next to us. Bria and I then watched Big Brother. I have never watched more than a minute of this show in my entire life, so I found it to be an interesting experience.

After Big Brother went off, we made our way into the long line of people waiting to go to the ice cream social/comedy night/free stuff night. I got a cup of vanilla ice cream, with chocolate syrup. We then ran into Caroline and her roommate, Danielle. We talked amongst ourselves for awhile before making our way into the gym. After waiting for twenty minutes the comedy night began. Turns out we were at an improve show. The first act to go on was Mission Improbable. They were HILARIOUS. It was kind of like watching Whose Line Is It Anyway live. Then this improve comedian Josh came out and performed his show. His game show included mostly volunteers from the audience, who could win money for participation. The students who volunteered were so much fun to watch.

After the night was over, Bria and I made our way back to the dorm and settled in for the night. At this point it was almost one in the morning. I had been up for quite a long time at this point, so naturally, I fell asleep quickly.

Hope you enjoyed my first entry. See you tomorrow!





I am glad to make my return to this blog. I waited longer than anticipated to start this blog back up because I wanted to wait until I was settled into my college dorm.

I hope you all are ready to take this journey with me.



The Future

I originally started this blog with the purpose of writing about my life and being there for people who need someone to talk too. Then it turned into me just putting up a picture or quote each day. Though this has been fun, it is not where my heart lies. In the next couple of weeks, I intend to revamp this blog. I plan to write everyday with a post about my day, being there for others, and perhaps posting some of my own writings in the future. I hope that all of you will join me in the next couple of weeks once I come up with a schedule and sort how I will run this blog from now on. Until then, I hope you all enjoy your summer (or winter).